The Bureau Wants You!

Just imagine all the fun you could have, shirtless, with dangerous power tools, helping us build things in my mom's backyard!

Yes that’s right, folks – we’re expanding our camp again this year, and looking for some new recruits!

Chances are, you’ve come to this page looking for information… about the Bureau of MIS-information.. and yeah, that’s a mindfuck. You’ll never know what’s truth and what’s fiction, what’s a dream and what’s reality… but who among us has ever really solved that equation, eh?

Okay, back on track. Basically, we set up a big misinformation booth on the Playa, where folks can come and ask us questions about anything, and then get heckled and fed misinformation and sent on wild goose chases. And that misinformation booth? It’s actually a giant bar.

Yup, we like to drink.  And we like to party.  We’re not the wildest or the weirdest kids on the block, but let’s face it – it’s a pretty weird block.

Most of us are in our mid twenties to mid thirties, we like to have fun, get weird, and spread a bit of playful misinformation. We’re mostly based in the East Bay and in San Francisco, but we have members all over the world (International Burners welcome!) We’re expanding our camp and we’d love to meet some newbies (virgins welcome!) and some returning burners / veterans who are looking for a fun community to camp with.

And we play with parachutes! FUN!

We’re very Leave No Trace conscious and very mindful of the 10 principals of Burning Man, and you should be too. Sure, we like to party, but the Burning Man Community is very important to us, and we like to take care it. And if you’re new ’round these parts and have no idea what I’m talking about, we’re happy to help – Just ask!

Want to come to our fundraiser house party in the SF Mission area on June 16th??  It’s going to be an awesome, Summer fun, beach themed party, and it would be a great time for you all to come support a cool Burning Man camp, and meet some local Burners and Bureau Members — and see if our camp is a good fit for you.

Check out the invite here for details:

Okay, you think you’re ready for The Bureau? Check out this promo video from last year:

Still want to join? Check us out all the info on our About Page and get in touch with me via the Contact Page.

Hope to see you all in the dust!

-The Bureaucrat.

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