About Us

The Bureau of Misinformation is Black Rock City’s leading source of radical ridiculosity, ambiguity, and factual inconsistency.

Every year, thousands of virgin Burners take their first dusty steps into Black Rock city. At the Bureau of Misinformation, we aim to provide Black Rock City with a place where all burners can come to ask questions about Burning Man and beyond. But don’t expect to get helpful answers from us, we will mostly be providing fun, witty, weird, and downright ridiculous Misinformation to participants and Playasapiens while offering them drinks at our Answer Bar.

Passersby will be welcomed in by signage, friendly camp participants, and obnoxious megaphone hecklers, and they will be prompted to ask any questions they might have. We’ll answer their question with our unique brand of bullshit, then offer them a drink to drown their sorrows. They’ll also have a chance to relax at the bar or at the adjacent open, public shaded area with plenty of seating, an airbrush artist, fun games (our giant jenga is always a hit!), and chill-out space.

We send people on wild goose-chases, announce that the tide is coming in and they have to head for higher ground, and tell them that Yanni is doing a new collaboration with Danger Mouse, and they are playing a secret 4AM set at Center Camp.

Our camp placement is traditionally on the exciting 9:00 thoroughfare, anywhere from Esplanade to G.

Here is a little breakdown of what we have planned so far as our gift to the playa:

  • The Answer Bar — Ask questions, get questionably informative “answers,” and wet your whistle
  • Misinformation Booth — Forcefully dole out unwelcome directions, advice and election results to weary playa wanderers via megaphone
  • The Divine Testudine — A giant turtle mutant vehicle for extensive and weird playa cruises
  • Heckling Bleachers — Vote for Trump! Fuck yer Bern!
  • Howling Yoga — A fun and rejuvenating playa tradition
  • Lotion for Men — Sorry ladies, this one is only for the distinguished gentlemen of the playa
  • Giant Jenga — Always a favorite
  • Shenanigans — TBD
  • Music — Only the good stuff, of course!
  • Beautiful Lighting — Titillation for your extraordinarily perceptive eyes
  • “You Are Here” Signs — Informative (or not?) maps strategically placed around Black Rock City

Behind the scenes, our camp mates live in a marvelous utopia, sharing love and camp responsibilities. Our dusty playa “luxuries” include:

  • Kitchen — Cook and share meals with your wonderful campmates
  • Lounge — Chill out, and escape the dust and the madness
  • Bike Racks — Private Bureau-only racks in the camping area and public racks at the bar
  • Showers — (You provide the water) and grey water management
  • Shade — Stay relatively cool in the gloriously shaded tent camping area
  • Burn Barrel — Fire!